Powur – Hugh Palmer

Powur – Hugh Palmer

Making energy independence a reality for thousands of Americans!
We are collaboration of entrepreneurs and the most brilliant minds in solar massively disrupting the renewable energy industry.
With a focus on customer satisfaction, Powur offers a 30-year warranty on installed solar systems, including a roof penetration protection guarantee, ensuring customers receive the highest quality service.
By partnering with Powur, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and take advantage of the growing demand for clean energy.
Be a Solar Ambassador: $1k per referral: https://powur.com/audley.palmer/ambassador

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Smart Volt Solar – Robert Hamilton

Smart Volt Solar – Robert Hamilton

Smart Volt Solar provides a personalized and customized solar, roofing and battery backup system in 20+ states and growing.


We are known for using only the best products in the industry with expert installation professionals ensuring highly satisfied customers though a customized approach for your home.


With use of Enphase, Solaredge, REC, LG, Canadian Solar, Tesla, Mission Solar, Jinko and more as providers we have variety to offer our homeowners.


With our amazing pricing we also offer $0 DOWN Financing. Yes, $0 down and a cost for power that is normally about 30% less than you are paying now. This allows savings day 1 with no big cost to our homeowners.


To respect your busy schedule we offer video meetings as an option in addition to in home meetings in most markets.


As the Fastest Growing Solar Company in America our cloud-based solar sales and fulfillment platform we are able to offer better pricing as we have limited expenses such as office spaces, equipment, supplies via this cloud based nature.


Cutting out these costs along with limiting our advertising allow us to pass best pricing to our customers.

With it our solar energy company can focus on teaching net metering, solar equipment, proving best personalized quotes and amazing customer service.

We also want to help our customers be our best voice and supply all referrals with $1000 to thank them for sending each new friend to us.

We are your solution to low cost, clean, reliable energy your family can depend on.

-• Financially Secure: Investor backed and Member owned

-• Experienced: Over 10,000 successful installations

-• Doing Well By Doing Good: Fully certified B-Corp

-• Validation: #43 in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America

-• Impact Focused: Money from every installation goes to preserving millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest

-• BBB A+ rated p company


Is Solar a Good Investment for My Family?

It is well-documented that solar increases the value of your home by Zillow, Redfin, NAR (National Association of Realtors), and Berkeley Lab studies and reports. The reason for this is that it's a home investment that actually produces income. A solar system sits on your roof and generates electricity for 30+ years, and there is a value for each kilowatt of electricity your system produces. In fact, each KW you produce is a KW that you don’t have to purchase from your electric company. Plus the future value of all of those savings is valuable to the next buyer of your home even if it is many many years down the road.


Another amazing reason to go solar today - get the economic solar benefits today, and later get more for the sale of your home tomorrow.

Robert Hamilton 727-310-9977

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you buy your system for cash or finance?: Yes, we offer both


I need a new roof first, how does that work? : We can provide a new roof and solar all in one project for you.

Is solar expensive? : No, most of our homeowners we help actually end up paying about 30% less each month than they currently do and with no money upfront for their solar cost. Add to that the ever increasing power costs and the 30% federal residential tax credit and it is actually a great way to save lots of money immediately and in the future. The solar panels will provide you with free energy after paid off for approximately 40 years of life.

Is it required to have a battery backup? : If you are in an area that has many power outages, have medical needs, have business needs that require uninterrupted power, have time of use power rates, or want security in case of outages then a battery backup is definitely something to consider and review with your consultant. A battery is not required in order to go solar however, with net metering be in place in most states we cover.

What makes our consulting different? : We want to listen to you including your needs, your wants, your goals and personalize the system with you. There is no cookie cutter or pre-built system sizing used.

How do I start? : Send a copy of your power bill along with your contact info to robert@smartvoltsolar.com or call 727-310-9977

Robert Hamilton

Co-Owner & Trainer

(727) 310-9977
6211 27th Avenue N. S, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Smith Family Consultants – Kevin Smith

Smith Family Consultants – Kevin Smith

We provide customized solar energy solutions for homeowners and business owners.

2321 Rothenfeld Court, Land O Lakes, FL 34639
Solar First – Austin Regis

Solar First – Austin Regis

Solar First is a local Energy Efficiency company based in St Petersburg & Cape Coral, Florida.

At Solar First we provide effective solutions for both residential & commercial.

Whether you are looking to save money on your utility bills, take ownership of your power, or make a smart investment to your home, we will tailor a plan custom to the situation of the customer.

With tier 1 products consisting of rooftop solar (owning your power), pool solar, battery backup (hurricane protection), & hybrid electric hot water heaters, Solar First is your all-in-one Energy Efficiency Company.

We take pride in being a full-scope company that holds the customers' hand from the consultation all the way to installation.

Contact us today for a free plan.

License No.CVC57233


St Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota
Sunergy Roofing and Solar – George Roe

Sunergy Roofing and Solar – George Roe

Sunergy Solar and Roofing is one of the largest installers of Solar Panels and New Roofs in the State of Florida.

We use only the best products in the industry with expert installation professionals ensuring highly satisfied customers.

Sunergy also offers ZERO MONEY DOWN Financing...great terms and very low monthly payments.

Contact us today at 727 455 9921. Ask for George

License CCC1331323

Why Choose Sunergy?

Sunergy is a Vertically Integrated Company. From the sales representatives to the install crew, we are all one company! Using sub-contractors who work for other companies can be tough. Most of the time it causes delays, mistakes, and poor customer service. Stick with the company that handles everything from start to finish.

Sunergy has Superior Experience. We’ve been installing solar since before it was popular. Sunergy has been in business since 2005. We have licenses to install A/C units, roofs, and back-up generators. We are in the business of energy efficiency, not just solar, which means we will be here to service your system for years to come. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Sunergy is Local. The most frustrating thing about solar is the timeline to install. We are local and have good standing relationships with permit offices and counties to get your project installed in record time! Unlike our competitors, who have to wait 3-4 months for install, our average time is nearly always 40 days or less!

“We believe in the financial freedom solar gives our customers. Founded on the principles of integrity, we work hard to provide customers with the finest products, longest warranties, and best service in the industry. Solar is the energy of our future. Let’s make the transition together.”

820 Park Ct, Palm Harbor, FL 34683