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At our core RGA is focused on helping small businesses grow the local economies in the municipalities that we serve. Chambers of commerce are very similar in mission. We each bring unique resources and opportunties to the businesses we serve.

Here are some key benefits for Chambers looking to formalize a partnership with our organization:

  1. Expanded networking opportunities: Chambers of Commerce are always looking for ways to provide additional networking opportunities for their members. Partnering with RGA can offer a new avenue for chamber members to connect with professionals from different industries or sectors. This collaboration can enhance their networking experiences and expand their business contacts.
  2. Diversification of member services: Chambers of Commerce strive to offer a wide range of valuable services to their members. By partnering with RGA, chambers can provide an additional benefit that focuses specifically on professional development and networking. This diversification of member services demonstrates the chamber’s commitment to meeting the varied needs of its members and can attract new businesses to join.
  3. Knowledge sharing and expertise: RGA specializes in facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering industry expertise. We have an entire eLearning platform that we call RGA University. In addition, we host workshops and RGA Speaks our live speaker platform to help educate members and guests. By partnering with us, local Chambers of Commerce can tap into this expertise and offer their members access to valuable resources, and unique educational opportunities. This collaboration enhances the Chamber’s reputation as a valuable source of business knowledge and support.
  4. Increased visibility and reach: RGA is a family of professionals that most Chambers of Commerce can benefit from reaching. Many of the professionals in our family are also members of their local Chamber. By partnering with us, Chambers can extend their reach to new segments of professionals and enhance its visibility among a broader range of businesses. While also strengthening their community relationships. This can lead to increased membership, longer lasting relationships, sponsorship opportunities, and overall engagement within the business community.

Chambers of Commerce are deeply rooted in our local communities we strive to foster strong relationships with them as we reach out to work with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders. Partnering together demonstrates both RGA and our local Chamber partners commitment to collaboration and supporting initiatives that contribute to the professional growth and development of our communities. 

The first step of course is to have a conversation. Our focus with our Chamber partners is to bring as much value as possible to members and guests by expanding the resources small businesses have to strengthen their communities. 


RGA creates resources, programs and opportunities for our members to utilize for the growth of their business. The opportunities are exclusive and limited but very powerful.

Some of these resources include:

  • The RGA Podcast
  • RGA Authoring Program
  • RGA TV Partnership
  • SEO Optimized Directory Listing
  • Community Leadership 
  • RGA Cares

And so much more…


In 2022 RGA began to focus attention on small business education. To that end we have a number of avenues that we make available to our members.

Some of these educational opportunities include:

  • RGA University
  • RGA Speaks
  • RGA Workshops
  • IgnitionCycle (Business Growth Podcast)

This focus on education was strengthened by our partnership with St. Leo University.


RGA stands for Revenue Generating Activity. While all of our resources and education programs are designed to help you do just that our core for the last 12+ years has been in our weekly networking events.

Here are some additional resources that partnering with RGA makes available to chambers and members:

  • Annual RGA Business Expo
  • Monthly Networking Mixers
  • 20+ Weekly In-Person/Virtual Networking Meetings
  • RGA Excursions & Family Events
  • RGA Retreats

RGA is more than just an organization it’s a family.



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