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Rachel Rivera

Artistic Flooring & Tile LLC – Rachel Rivera

Artistic Flooring & Tile LLC is owned and operated by Eric & Rachel Rivera.

We are a specialty contractor that specializes in flooring, tile, shower remodels and backsplashes.

We work with many types of materials, such as vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood, trim, stone, marble, travertine and quart, as well as others.

Not only do we bring 20 years of experience, we also bring an attention to detail to your project because this is our passion.

We take pride in our work and the craftsmanship we love to bring to our clients adds value to your projects.

We work with homeowners as well as business owners to update -their spaces.

Whether you need materials and installation, or just labor only, we offer free estimates and would love to talk to you about your project!

Give us a call at 585-775-4053, email artisticflooringandtile@gmail.com or on Facebook Artistic Flooring & Tile LLC

101 S Old Coachman Rd, #501, Clearwater, FL 33765
Darr Palmer

BizPhones4u – Darr Palmer

Providers of Business Phone Systems.

On-premise, hosted cloud and private cloud.

3CX Partner and 3CX Supported SIP trunk provider.

We specialize in growth-oriented companies.

(813) 230-7060
Spring Hill, FL 34610
EPIC Clinics – Austin Hayden

EPIC Clinics – Austin Hayden

Chiropractic has evolved.

At EPIC, we are committed to providing patients with the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to continually challenge the status quo in health care and in chiropractic.

EPIC stands for Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections. We are proud to be at the forefront of the evolution of chiropractic.

No more guessing. No more experiments.

We provide repeatable and predictable outcomes with breakthrough technology that you cannot get anywhere else.


Gentle & Painless  Our unique sound wave technology corrects the misalignments in your spine. You won't even feel it!

Precise & Effective  Our process provides the most predictable patient outcomes in the spinal care industry.

The EPIC Technique

The EPIC technique is a series of clinic protocols done by expertly trained doctors to customize spinal care treatment to a unique and highly effective level of care.

Through advanced diagnostics and treatment technology, EPIC doctors are setting a NEW STANDARD with predictable and dependable results in the spinal care industry.

How it Works

Correcting the alignment of the top two bones in your spine restores nerve communication and promotes healing throughout the body.

Using unique sound wave technology, EPIC Clinics provide painless and precise spinal corrections.

1.  EPIC finds and corrects the actual cause of your problem.
Physicians rarely investigate to discover and treat the underlying root cause of the dysfunction; instead, they only treat the symptom.

2.  EPIC identifies and corrects dysfunctions of the Nervous System.
The nervous system controls every function within your body. By detecting and correcting cervical spine misalignments, we restore proper function of the nervous system.

3.  EPIC uses cutting edge diagnostic and treatment technology.
EPICs technology advantages include: - Advanced diagnostic imaging
- Spinal engineering analysis software
- Genetic structural profiling
- Degree-specific, digital calibration
- Percussion sound wave adjusting
- Patented treatment technology

(727) 225-9990
35111 US 19 North, Suite 320, Palm Harbor, FL 34684
ESS Inspections & Valuations –  Darryl Williams Jr

ESS Inspections & Valuations – Darryl Williams Jr

ESS Inspections & Valuations is a licensed and insured inspection company.

We are ready to help with all of your inspection needs. Whether you are selling, buying, renting, inspecting for insurance needs, or inspecting for peace of mind, ESS is it!

We offer reasonable prices and flexibility to work around your needs.

Let us help you establish the condition of the home you have or want.

License HI14900


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