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Veterans Funeral Care – Brenda Griesheimer

Veterans Funeral Care – Brenda Griesheimer

VETERANS FUNERAL CARE (also serving non-veteran families)

Brenda has been a Preplanning Specialist for 13 years.  She experienced ten family member deaths over an eight-year period.  She knows both personally and professionally how to assist you in sparing your loved ones added stress before and after a death has occurred.  All the details are taken care of and you lock in on today’s pricing.  Veterans Funeral Care’s pricing is very affordable and we have payment options available.  

Our Military Museum in our new location is OUTSTANDING! 

Brenda’s cell:  727-259-5240    office:  727-724-9202


Brenda Griesheimer
Preplanning Specialist


727-524-9202 office
727-259-5240 cell

830 N. Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33765