Jabbermax – Maxina Paine


Maxina Paine

Jabbermax – Maxina Paine

Content builds brand trust and helps you know your community better.
Writing and consulting with Jabbermax will help you make conversation with your community.
Let’s help you PROMOTE the things you love! Your community can be built through the resources and ideas you share!

Good content will INSPIRE your community into action. What are you trying to inspire?
Ideas and conversations here are made for just this. Join the ongoing conversation, and let’s make quality content.

Each quality blog and conversation help EDUCATE your community. How can you share your knowledge more effectively?
Let’s talk about your business. Growing a great content plan can have you serving up P.I.E with more flavor and unique style.
Jabbermax loves small businesses and creators who love to get creative and make an impact.

Jabbermax mission: MAKE CONVERSATION.

The Crafty Copywriter – Andrea Valenzuela

The Crafty Copywriter – Andrea Valenzuela

 I’m a freelance copywriter who loves working with small businesses to write compelling copy that converts clients and builds trust in your company, your brand and YOU.

26 letters in the alphabet. Just 26.

Yet the perfect combinations of those 26 come together to form words with purpose.
My purpose is to craft words for your business that convey your message to your audience. 
When you work with me as your copywriter, I become invested in your goal. 
Your success is my success. 
Let my words come through for you to build your business.