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Why should you invite guests to network?

Consider this: Can your business succeed if, week after week, you network only with the same 20 or 30 people?

Of course not! To grow your business, you need a continually expanding pool of potential clients and customers.

What’s the best way to ensure that growth?

Invite guests to network with you!

By inviting a guest to experience RGA Network, you are showing your guest that you’re interested in his or her success. That expressed interest goes a long way to develop trust not only in you, but in your network, as well.

Inviting someone new to visit your network brings new blood, new ideas, and new business sectors to the network you know and love.

Invite guests to network

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Each visitor to your network is sure to find at least one member who offers something that the visitor needs. This means one of your fellow networkers will benefit thanks to your effort. And that means your credibility within your network as an active, helpful member goes up.

When a visitor makes a positive connection, s/he is likely to share that experience with as many as 200 others outside your network! Even if your guests decides not to join your network, one of those other contacts may be a perfect fit. Your guest can introduce you to others you can invite!

Each member of your network will spend $1,000 or more every year with their fellow networkers. Each visitor who becomes a member expands that “prosperity pool.”

The larger your network, the more likely it is that members will find ways to collaborate and leverage their contacts both within and outside your network.

If your network of choice is RGA, your invitation introduces your visitor to a large and powerful success network, with a variety of opportunities to get acquainted with success-minded individuals during meetings, socials, trade shows, and community service projects. The growing number of RGA networks also means that when you invite guests to network and they join the network, they can experience a variety of networking styles, with a different group of people every week, if that’s what they want.

And while developing new friendships isn’t the main goal of successful business networking, you’ll be surprised at the quality and depth of the relationships that develop for you and every visitor you bring to the table.

Helping to grow your network, then, has benefits for you and for your guest, and those benefits go well beyond purely business concerns.

Want proof? Invite someone to be your guest today!