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It’s a statement that could be a tagline for RGA.

From its inception, RGA has worked to provide “Wall Street networking at Main Street pricing,” putting the power of positive networking in the hands of a steadily growing number of business owners.

RGA is designed to give our members a comfortable way to meet business owners. At RGA, there’s no dog-eat-dog approach to finding business. Instead, our members believe that “a rising tide raises all boats.” Instead of looking out for #1, our members are on the lookout for ways to help others succeed.

It’s a networking approach that makes RGA the fastest growing and best networking group in the Tampa Bay area. We’re extending our philosophy well beyond our Tampa Bay community, with chapters across Florida and in several other states.

It’s a networking approach that drives RGA to give back to the community in support of charities like Love Thy Neighbor Florida and Women With Purpose. We’re glad to report that our members have been enthusiastic in their support of events that donate a portion of our proceeds to these non-protits.

We’re also gratified when our members find ways of helping each other with cost-saving promotions. These include scheduling multiple members for professional head shots at a meeting or special event, or setting up a video camera to allow several members to record 30-second business promos in a single setting, at significantly reduced rates.

Our members provide each other with valuable information at our RGA University classes, and because we’re all motivated by a desire to help each other, prices are affordable and value is high. By sharing our knowledge, we help each other reach higher on the ladder of success.

RGA embraces Ziglar’s statement, continually looking for ways to provide greater value to our members. Our meetings alone draw an impressive collection of business owners every week, to nearly two dozen locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. RGA offers more than weekly meetings. We offer opportunities for our members to extend their reach via our Revenue Generating Hour radio show. We have a YouTube Channel, The costs associated with any one of these are kept low so as many members as possible can participate.

We even break the mold of traditional networking by inviting other networking groups to participate in our annual business expo, giving them free display space to share their groups’ membership benefits. We don’t see other networking groups as competitors, but as partners in the effort to grow a vibrant local economy. We know that not every group is the right match for every business, and it benefits all of us when we can guide people to the right matches for them.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy real abundance, we invite you to come to an RGA meeting. We’ll help you to help others get what they want … and we know they’ll return the favor!