2 Hungry Dogs Productions – Joel Freedman

Video Production

2 Hungry Dogs Productions – Joel Freedman

2 Hungry Dogs Productions – Joel Freedman

We help businesses solve problem by using video to get attract more customers, convert more leads, save time, and provide a consistent message

Your Business NEEDS Video, and it needs Video NOW!

Our 3 Step Process Will Get You More Business

Create a Great Video that tells the story of your Business
Put that video in front of people searching for your Services
Convince them to engage your business.

Joel combines the best production skills with a positive attitude to make sure you not only get a good product, but that you enjoy the production experience. Joel has the skills to work in a fast paced news environment, a detail-oriented studio production or a multi-camera shoot and produce your video with the highest production values. The knowledge Joel has gained from thousands of shoots gives him the experience to work in any situation, and the wisdom to adapt to new circumstances.


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Modern Concept Media – Diane Kutz

Modern Concept Media – Diane Kutz

Modern Concept Media is a multi-media company.

We help our clients with voice over projects such as radio and TV commercials, on-hold messaging, and narration of videos.

We help our clients be seen by their clients by creating effective original video content for them to use in social media or on their websites.

We help business owners get started on the YouTube platform (which is the second largest search engine behind Google) and develop concepts that deliver their message clearly.

Whether you want to learn and do for your self or have us do for you, the process is quick and affordable.

We cater to small businesses, and entrepreneurs needing help in the digital world.



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QuickieVideos.com - Billy Graham

Quickie Videos -YOUR listing could be here!

Short (1 to 3 minute) videoproductions

Geographic: Pinellas County

What is it?

If you could take your best elevator pitch, add visuals, then press play, you’d have an Explainer Video. It’s the shortest, highest-octane explanation of what you do, why you matter, or how you’re different.

Who is it for?

It’s for organizations with a product, service, idea, or cause that’s complex or confusing. After all, people will not buy what they don’t understand. Explainer Videos marry beauty with simplicity to create clarity.

And people love clarity.


Triple M Video Productions LLC – Mike Lavallee

Triple M Video Productions LLC – Mike Lavallee

If you have a business, I can make a professional video to grow it’s brand.

My videos don’t cost money, they make money.

If you’re a real estate agent, video is more powerful than pictures. I can help you sell your commercial or residential property with a virtual tour.

If your family is celebrating a special occasion that a family member can’t attend, I can make a video for them and they will feel like they were.

Business website team member pictures are boring. Let me make your business a behind the scenes video where I can show them going about their day.

Nervous in front of a camera? I can help.

In need of editing only? I can help there too.

Professional brand videos
commercials for business websites,
social media
local TV
Real estate listing videos
Virtual tours for commercial or residential property
Business behind the scenes videos
Family videos
Media Coaching
Editing services.