Evolved Strategic Marketing – Ethan Novitsky

Evolved Strategic Marketing – Ethan Novitsky

At Evolved Strategic Marketing, we’ve combined our marketing expertise with our passion for supporting small businesses.
We have over 40 years of combined experience working in the sales and marketing industry.
We spent years burning the midnight oil helping clients expand their businesses. We were working for companies that had a bottom line—and that bottom line was not the client.

Internet marketing has taken the world by storm, replacing more traditional methods of advertising. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and radio jingles. Businesses are turning to experts to get results in a digital world that grows more complex by the day.

Thousands of marketing companies have sprung up out of nowhere, turning the industry on its head, and business owners have lost millions hiring companies and freelancers who don’t know anything about marketing—they just know the latest social media trends.

Shortcuts, lack of service, and generic marketing strategies have become the norm.
We’ve had enough. So we started Evolved Strategic Marketing.
Our mission is to help local and small businesses increase their revenue and expand their companies. We provide our clients with custom strategies, tailored for their specific needs.

At Evolved Strategic Marketing, we know that effective marketing is more than just posting on social media or writing a blog. It takes work, persistence, and agile thinking to keep moving forward and reach your marketing goals.

We provide all forms of digital marketing—but we only recommend what our clients need after careful consideration and understanding of you, your industry, and your goals.

Our bottom line is the client. Our bottom line is you.

The Evolved Difference
When you work with Evolved Strategic Marketing, we’ll show you exactly where your hard-earned money is going. We’ll provide weekly reports, and give you access to our dashboard so you always know what’s going on.

We know how important visibility is, and we’ll provide a transparent look into everything that we do for you.

624 Chestnut Street, Clearwater, FL 33756
Marathon Marketing Services – Eric Conte

Marathon Marketing Services – Eric Conte

We are a giant Mobile Billboard company that offers advertising for $59 a week with zero contracts and zero commitments.

You will pay 1.3 cents per view on average.

We can drive or park exactly where you want.


Put Your Message Where It Matters Most

(727) 565-8601
9270 82nd Way, Seminole, FL 33777
Appreciation Specialist –  Linda Ray Cameron

Appreciation Specialist – Linda Ray Cameron

We help businesses create relationships, retention, referrals which brings revenue.

Bridging the connection between high tech and tangible touch.

Sending greeting cards and gifts from an APP on your phone or your computer.

Appreciation you can touch.



Best Version Media – Kathleen Blackburn

Best Version Media – Kathleen Blackburn

I am an Independent Publisher with experience as a Marketing Representative, and a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.
Best Version Media (BVM) is an international publishing company that specializes in personalized and exclusive magazines with locally-based content.
We bring people together by providing a professional publication that reflects the integrity, pride, and prestige of the local communities we serve.
BVM builds close-knit communities by producing publications that are delivered monthly to specifically-targeted subdivisions, communities, and villages that connect residents and give business owners a unique advertising campaign experience.
BVM is one of the fastest-growing media companies in North America. We reach more readers than any other company in the industry by providing the highest quality magazine in the micro-targeted markets we proudly serve.

If you are a business owner that likes "word of mouth" you will love our magazines.



Best Version Media publications have been connecting local communities since 2007. Our story began with the vision of Dave Durand (Executive Chairman), Pete Ericksen (COO) and Paul Lubinski (CPO). The trio developed a handful of magazines in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area before expanding the business in 2012.

BVM is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the print media industry. Our community publications share positive, family-friendly stories with millions of readers every year. In fact, we distributed more than 37 million magazines in 2021 – a number that’s expected to continue rising for many years to come.

Our community publications combine the best elements of social media and print by sharing news and stories that matter to our readers. We introduce local businesses to neighbors by featuring families and community leaders in our monthly magazines. We’re committed to helping our sponsors grow while sharing positivity and inspiration with our readers each month.



BVM equips individuals with a professional environment where they can become the best versions of themselves. Our award-winning company culture is felt at every level of the business because we understand the importance of a great workplace.

The BVM culture is best described by our three founding pillars: professional will, a compassionate heart, and a fun-loving spirit – all founded on humility. Our people are guided by these virtues in both their personal and professional lives.

Our outstanding workplace culture has been recognized by many organizations through the years including Top Workplaces USA, Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, Entrepreneur, Globee Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers and more.



BVM publications are uniting communities across the U.S. and Canada by sharing inspirational stories with millions of readers every year. Our unprecedented growth has led us to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the print media industry. Our magazines focus on positive, family-friendly content because we understand what readers want from a local publication. Become a Publisher in your community and bring a BVM magazine to your local area!

*BVM magazines are at least 16 pages. The exact page count may vary depending on the specific magazine.


BVM Sports is an all-encompassing sports media website dedicated to offering local, national and international sports coverage of all ages – from pee wee to pro – in one convenient location. From videos, scores and news to profiles and human interest stories, BVM Sports is committed to providing an informative and entertaining experience for sports enthusiasts.

BVM Sports is shining a spotlight on local athletes, coaches and teams by sharing their incredible stories of triumph and perseverance next to national headlines. BVM Sports is committed to featuring inspirational stories that other sports media entities often overlook.

Do you have exciting or newsworthy sports stories happening in your area? Submit your local content to BVM Sports and share it with the world!


SPECIALTIES :   Branding , Business Development, Community Sponsorship, Advertising, Content Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Event Planning, and Banking. Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Social Sciences from Hiram College.
Kathleen Blackburn Best Version Media St. Petersburg FL 33703- (813) 395-2211
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