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Elation Life Massage – Tara Doerr

Elation Life Massage – Tara Doerr

Elation Life Massage provides a massage service catered to each individual who comes in.

Whether that is stress and pain relief, or for some general relaxation and self-care, we can take care of you.

This is a place for athletes, individuals looking to correct their posture, desk job workers, those who experience pain from repetitive motion, moms, and the general population.

Services range from a relaxation Swedish massage to a specific deep tissue massage to relieve knots and tight muscles, including add-on services such as gua sha/scraping, hot stones, cupping therapy, aromatherapy, and scrubs.

The goal is to have each client leave feeling like new.

License No. Mm42828


10323 Cross Creek Blvd, Suite D, Tampa





Healing Hands Therapy Inc – Linda Gagnon

Healing Hands Therapy Inc – Linda Gagnon

Tropically decorated Massage clinic helping with pain reduction/relief infrared red light available, cranial release technique, deep tissue, therapeutic massage, and facials with skincare.

Relaxation, Pain Management, Cranial Release Technique, Fibromyalgia and light therapy!

License No. MM19629

7218 Massachusetts Ave., New Port Richy,, Florida 34653
Massage Alchemist – Cameron Byrd

Massage Alchemist – Cameron Byrd

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Cameron Byrd is the owner and founder of Massage Alchemist in Clearwater, Florida.

After military service in Iraq and a decade of supervisory roles in security management, he turned his attention to entrepreneurship.

Cameron graduated with academic honors from Cortiva Institute where he studied Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Swedish Massage.

He continued his education by becoming certified as a Structural Energetic Therapist, expanding his skills to include Cranial/Structural therapy, advanced myofascial release, and emotional release through breathwork.

He practices results-based therapy and specializes in difficult conditions and injuries.

Cameron is a frequent speaker at massage and bodywork schools and organizations, including the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

His most sought-after topics include business management, marketing, and the use of social media.

He is a featured author in the #1 Amazon Bestseller "The BEST Business Minds in Tampa Bay - The Advice You Need to Motivate, Inspire, and Improve your Business."


Our licensed massage therapists specialize in difficult conditions and injuries.

License No. MM39778

2270 Drew St Suite C, Clearwater, FL 33765
Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center – Scott Roberts

Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center – Scott Roberts

Scott and Lena Roberts, owners of Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center, believe the principle of being present is possible when the body is healthy and free of pain.
A body that can move properly, uninhibited by pain and discomfort, is a body that can focus on the demands of daily life. Through techniques like reflexology, myofascial release and deep tissue massage, the massage therapists at Peaceful Warriors work with your body to keep it in optimal, flexible condition to improve chronic pain, reduce the incidence of sports injuries and better the quality of life of their clients.
Massage therapy isn’t just a career for the Roberts; it’s a way to serve and, through a healthier body, enable them to serve in their own lives.  Pain serves to warn us that something is wrong and that we must seek remedy in order to be optimally present and aware. In the 10 years since Peaceful Warriors opened their doors, Scott has humbly honed his skill in the way that only a massage therapist that submits themselves to being a perpetual student of their craft is able to do.  Scott’s unique ability to visualize how the muscles move, attach to the body and work with the skeletal system allows him to pinpoint the source of his clients’ pain and provide relief and improve their quality of life.
Scott is YOUR Kilted Theripst
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