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EPIC Clinics – Austin Hayden

EPIC Clinics – Austin Hayden

Chiropractic has evolved.

At EPIC, we are committed to providing patients with the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to continually challenge the status quo in health care and in chiropractic.

EPIC stands for Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections. We are proud to be at the forefront of the evolution of chiropractic.

No more guessing. No more experiments.

We provide repeatable and predictable outcomes with breakthrough technology that you cannot get anywhere else.


Gentle & Painless  Our unique sound wave technology corrects the misalignments in your spine. You won't even feel it!

Precise & Effective  Our process provides the most predictable patient outcomes in the spinal care industry.

The EPIC Technique

The EPIC technique is a series of clinic protocols done by expertly trained doctors to customize spinal care treatment to a unique and highly effective level of care.

Through advanced diagnostics and treatment technology, EPIC doctors are setting a NEW STANDARD with predictable and dependable results in the spinal care industry.

How it Works

Correcting the alignment of the top two bones in your spine restores nerve communication and promotes healing throughout the body.

Using unique sound wave technology, EPIC Clinics provide painless and precise spinal corrections.

1.  EPIC finds and corrects the actual cause of your problem.
Physicians rarely investigate to discover and treat the underlying root cause of the dysfunction; instead, they only treat the symptom.

2.  EPIC identifies and corrects dysfunctions of the Nervous System.
The nervous system controls every function within your body. By detecting and correcting cervical spine misalignments, we restore proper function of the nervous system.

3.  EPIC uses cutting edge diagnostic and treatment technology.
EPICs technology advantages include: - Advanced diagnostic imaging
- Spinal engineering analysis software
- Genetic structural profiling
- Degree-specific, digital calibration
- Percussion sound wave adjusting
- Patented treatment technology

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Abundance Chiropractic – Dr. Andres Julia

Abundance Chiropractic – Dr. Andres Julia

We are a neurological-based corrective chiropractic health center geared to the whole family. We focus on the nervous system because it controls every function of our body. We know that misalignments in the spine cause stress on the nervous system. We used NASA published technology to pinpoint with accuracy the root of the problem. We use the most advanced technique in chiropractic to correct these misalignments without using manual adjustments. We help people get better!

License No,. CH12969

4431 Park Blvd N, Pinellas Park, FL 33704
Dr. of Chiropractic – your Listing Could be Here!

Dr. of Chiropractic – your Listing Could be Here!

We are a state of the art neurologically based chiropractic office serving pediatrics, pregnant mothers and whole families. We utilize specific and scientific chiropractic corrective care to help you reach your health goals and address the underlying issues.

Oldsmar's Chiropractic




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Healing Hands Chiropractic – 	Dr. Crystal Venturino

Healing Hands Chiropractic – Dr. Crystal Venturino

Chiropractic Physician / Certified Acupuncturist

Chiropractic medicine was not something I was aware of until I had a very significant moment that impacted my life forever. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a significant amount of back pain that could not be resolved through modern medicine. I sought out care from non- other than my father-in-law who educated me on the system and purpose of chiropractic medicine. I was skeptical like most, but once I received treatment I was in awe of the relief of pain and stress I was able to receive. After I gave birth, it was then that my love for chiropractic began to flourish. I was born and raised in New York city by my parents Eddie and Lourdes Burgos. I am a proud Puerto Rican who grew up in a large family. It is no surprise that I wanted a family for my own. I met my amazing husband Nick and had 3 beautiful children. During all the busy schedules and motherly responsibilities I had with my children, I attended USF to receive my Bachelor of the Arts degree in Psychology while pregnant with my son. I Enrolled at the National University of Health Sciences the following year and began my journey into Chiropractic medicine. Throughout my education at NUHS, I have been trained in advanced techniques of spinal adjustments, prenatal adjustments, pediatric adjustments, nutritional and dietary counseling, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. During my education at NUHS , I earned a certification in Acupuncture. I have adjusted my own children since the moment they were born because, as a chiropractor, I understand the importance of alignment and spinal health that is needed during the infant's first few moments after birth. My journey into chiropractic medicine has enlightened my overall perspective on how health care should be. Since I was four years old,  I knew I always wanted to become a physician and help people. Being able to pursue my dreams and become the first physician in my family, is a true honor. I intend to hold my accountabilities as a physician to a higher standard, by treating people as if they are my own family. I want to be able to provide the best care and educate our community about the importance of spinal health.

License No. CH13129


14491 University Cove Place, Tampa, FL 33613
Miller Chiropractic and Wellness – Dr. Jason Miller

Miller Chiropractic and Wellness – Dr. Jason Miller

Miller Chiropractic and Wellness offers a full-range of strong chiropractic techniques, as well as common sense nutritional alternatives to medication.

Dr. Miller believes in treating the body as a whole and examining the core of what his patients are going through.

Borrowing words of wisdom from Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician regarded as the father of medicine, Dr. Miller advises his patients to let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food This includes recommending whole food supplements to correct deficiencies in their diet that can ultimately manifest in any number of physical ailments.

We truly are what we eat!

Poor nutritional habits, such as excessive refined carbohydrate consumption, cause inflammation. By adopting a proper nutritional regimen of eating healthy, whole foods that our bodies can actually identify and process, dramatic improvement can be seen and felt!

Dr. Miller's patients undergo a comprehensive chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological evaluation to assess the most effective treatment methods for their specific issues.

Our team is fully skilled and licensed in their fields. Not only that, but they are also very knowledgeable. With every client that steps into our office, we provide them with the best options for their situation. Our entire staff is concerned with your well-being. They will give you the tools that’ll allow you to reach peace with your wellness and comfort. Here are some areas of chiropractic treatment that our team specializes in:

Cold Laser Therapy
Spinal Decompression
Disc Treatments
Back Adjustments
Auto Accidents
Physical Rehab
Headache Treatments
Neck Pain





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