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Be Seen Pro –  Rick Griesheimer

Be Seen Pro – Rick Griesheimer



The average person spends 109 seconds studying a menu.... Nielsen Research says that even 2 seconds of attention can increase reall, raise brank awareness and inspire purchase intent.

That's just ONE of the reasons the menu advertising 

Works so well!



 Restaurants get full-color, glossy menus for FREE!  These are perfect for including with your deliveries and carry-out orders, as well as using in the dining room.

The advertising pays for the menus, you don't pay a penny.

My email is rick@beseenpro.com

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Intuitive Performance Solutions, Inc. – Jason Esterline

Intuitive Performance Solutions, Inc. – Jason Esterline

We reduce business process complexity for small and medium sized businesses.

With decades of experience providing business performance solutions, we are the right team help you maximize the efficiency of your business.

Using Infusionsoft, SAS, Oracle and other tools —– we have the experience and tools you need to get your business supercharged.

Let our team of experts analyze your needs, and provide you with the right solutions



Pewter Report – Alison Pendrick

Pewter Report – Alison Pendrick

PewterReport.com is an NFL credentialed high-traffic website and media company that has spent three decades covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Get your business in the game and engage in sports marketing with an advertising campaign on PewterReport.com to reach over 3.0 million Buccaneer Fans.

Pewter Report's fan base consists of Bucs season ticket holders and club seat owners-consists of the following demographics:   male audience,  over 25 years old,  married or in a committed relationship,  have children and  college educated.

Digital banner advertising has the "billboard effect" that lets your company's message be seen to a vast audience of Buccaneer fans with click-thru capability that sends our visitors to your company website.

Combine this with a social media platform package and watch your company's exposure increase further.

Thus, there are various sponsorship opportunities, as well as short and long-term advertising campaigns available on PewterReport.com.


NFL Credentialed Media SIte

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Sound Branding Ideas – Cary S. Reich

Sound Branding Ideas – Cary S. Reich

I’m Cary Reich, and I may be the most famous composer you’ve never heard of!
I’ve been writing jingles for companies large and small since 1985.
If I’m so good, why haven’t you heard about me? Simple—commercials don’t include credits! How long was it before you ever heard that Barry Manilow wrote, “You deserve a break today …” for McDonald’s®?
My clients have included such nationally brands as Budweiser, Firestone, Gold’s Gym, Goodwill, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, as well as scores of local businesses and organizations.
If you’d like to hear some of the jingles I’ve written, jingles that you’ll probably recognize but never knew I wrote, click here. 
Your jingle should be yours, not mine!
I work hard not to be a household name!
I don’t want the jingles I compose to make people say, “Oh! Cary Reich wrote that!” I don’t want a “Cary Reich sound,” because I want the focus to be on you and your business.
To accomplish that, I work with recording talent from studios all over the country, from Los Angeles to Orlando, even some Broadway actresses, so your jingle will have a fresh voice.


Cary graduated at the top of his class from the University of Florida School of Business. In college, Cary performed and produced for the UF Vocal Jazz Troupe and enjoyed the privilege of being school mascot "Albert the Alligator.” Cary is married to his wife Karen and has three beautiful children Yael, Ariel and Avi.

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