Sonic Shield – Richard Melton

Sonic Shield – Richard Melton

Sonic-Shield’s Vision and Mission
We want to give you a very clear idea about the type of global, regional and local citizens we are, how we comport ourselves and most importantly the type of company and people with whom you will be doing business.

Sonic-Shield’s vision is to become a recognized global citizen, responsible for enhancing the quality of life, health and well being of our customers, by improving their living and working conditions through the elimination of unwanted, unhealthy and dangerous noise.

Sonic-Shield’s mission is to provide an individual, customized, timely and cost effective soundproofing solution for every customer by employing our unique, collaborative, process driven approach to diagnose, characterize and solve each noise and vibration problem as it is presented to us.
Our Beliefs

We believe that the general field of acoustics and soundproofing is complicated for a typical consumer who is not an expert in the field. This is exacerbated by the fact that the consumer is exposed to several potential causes and potential solutions to noise problems, each with different degrees of effectiveness. Sonic-Shield aims to simplify the soundproofing process by leveraging our technical expertise towards the development of effective soundproofing solutions, as opposed to just selling soundproofing materials. In doing so, we are able to rapidly deliver products, services and solutions that meet or exceed the performance and price expectations of our customers.
We believe in educating the general public in acoustics and soundproofing so that they can make informed decisions about their preferred solutions.
We believe that while many noise problems are similar, no two are exactly the same, and every one should be treated individually.
We believe that "Made in the USA" is not just a slogan. We are committed to buying our products and components from U.S. manufacturers whenever price, terms and quality are equal to or better than manufacturers from outside of the USA.
We believe that our suppliers, no matter where they are from, are entitled to a profit.
We believe that a collaborative approach with YOU and with our suppliers is the ONLY approach that has proven to be successful time and time again. We will make you an active part of developing a solution for YOUR individual problem.

Our Commitment

We are committed to purchasing the highest quality materials that comprise our products.
We are committed to never short-changing our customers by substituting inferior materials into our products.
We are committed to providing our products at a reasonable price.
We are committed to seeking the best “value” for the end customer that we can pass along through the supply chain.
We will never “rest on our laurels”, and will continue to innovate our processes, services and products.
We are committed to providing outstanding customer service not only before but after the sale.

The Sonic-Shield Difference
Our expertise in the field of acoustics and vibration control allows us to cut through the “clutter” and offer real solutions to real problems, quickly and cost-effectively, while making YOU a part of the process.

We offer a full range of capabilities to solve noise and vibration problems, including testing, analysis, design and fabrication. We are not limited by the inventory we carry, only selling what we stock. We will provide products and services to you from our competitors without a second thought, if the products and services are right for YOUR noise control or vibration control problem.

We have and will continue to invest in automated manufacturing processes to make our products more efficiently, reducing costs to our customer. We continually seek applications to mass produce our materials and products.

We do not tie up our capital in inventory, infrastructure and overhead, allowing us to operate with much lower costs, passing those savings along to you directly. Because we know how to use and practically apply every one of the products that we sell, we are uniquely qualified to advise YOU on exactly what materials are best suited for your particular problem.

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