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Your Sales VP – Cary Landegger

Have you got sales headaches?

Are you a business owner who either doesn’t like, doesn’t have time or wants strong skills managing your sales team? 

Sure, you can call a recruiter or search on LinkedIn or Indeed to find a full-time sales manager for your team, but that can be a big investment in time and money. A small to medium-sized business simply can’t justify the cost, especially in the current market. Just check sales jobs near me in your local area. Finding good people is extremely challenging.

Your Sales VP can help. With over 30 years of successful sales management and marketing experience with large and small companies, we can quickly analyze your situation and begin helping at once. Collaborating with you and your sales team, we create and install proven and repeatable sales processes that work.

By managing your sales team and processes we free up your most valuable asset - the owner’s time.

All of this at well below the cost of the average VP Sales.

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