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Results Systems LLC – John Keenan

Results Systems LLC – John Keenan

You’ve heard the stories: someone you know is stuck in a “comfort/stagnant zone”,  pigeon-holed into a role or situation because they have the right experience/background/personality and find it next to impossible to move ahead, get beyond that role or position

What about situations where someone is struggling with motivation, lack of purpose or fulfillment but feel stuck in the situation and think that making a change is too risky, or maybe they think they don’t have the experience or skill to move into a better situation or role?

It’s unfortunate but these experiences are all too common. I know I’ve been there, The good news is there is a proven way to break out of these situations.

My name is John Keenan and I’m a certified Life Coach with Life Mastery Institute. We offer a proven methodology to address these exact kinds of challenges and a proven track record of success in guiding clients in identifying and setting goals and achieving desired results, I’ve been exactly in this kind of predicament and spent longer than I wish to admit trying to “fix” it on my own. It was only after I found about the Life Mastery Institute and went through the course myself that I got the guidance I needed to identify what was holding me back and take precise steps to address it and move forward. It made such an incredible impact on my results, both at work and personally that I eventually made the commitment to play the benefit forward by becoming a coach myself.

I encourage you to reach out to me to have a commitment-free discussion and explore if our system is the right fit for your specific situation.

“Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get.” – Bob Proctor

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Life Coach  –  Carol Maria Donaldson

Life Coach – Carol Maria Donaldson

A Coach To Help You Live Your Best…
Why do you need a coach?
At the end of the day, you are your most important commitment!
Known as a leading coach of professionals, Carol Maria brings over 20 years of corporate, executive and entrepreneurial experience to her clients. Her mission is guiding her clients through the maze of personal and/or professional transitions via co-creative coaching that allows her clients to achieve (and sometimes discover) their dreams, move forward with goals and unearth areas that cause resistance and inhibit change.
Are you looking for someone to champion you?
Request an exploratory session.  


Love You To Life – Cory Jenkins

Love You To Life – Cory Jenkins

Your Love You To Life Coach Offering the FREE You Can Have It All Challenge.

Learn How to Attract Want You Want & Create a LIFE You LOVE Living!


Take your life to the next level with the The Love You To Life Course and The Love You To Life Ambassador Mastermind!

Love You to Life Coaching offers several ways to take on Loving Your Life.

One on One Coaching, Inspirational Speaking Engagements, The You Can Have It All Challenge, The Love You To Life Course, Group Coaching, Love You To Life Ambassadors Masterminds, Mastermind Retreats and, Mastermind Vacation Expereinces!

Pete Ambrosino

Pete Ambrosino

I can show ANY business owner in less than 50 minutes how to triple their current number of leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by $50 thousand dollars or more, and WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.
www.ambrosinobusinessgym.com  and click on the link that says Get My Free Book. And by the way, save my website link.
If you have ANY questions about how to implement any of my strategies in the book, just go to my website and scroll down to the Ask Pete section and send me your questions. I’ll be more than happy to email you the solutions. 

Self-Empowerment Coaching LLC – Rob Imperato

Self-Empowerment Coaching LLC – Rob Imperato

Professional Personal Certified Life Coach. Helping others to see the best in themselves, so that they may be the best of themselves.

Rob Imperato is an Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Workshop Facilitator and Certified Professional Life Coach.  He specializes in Transition, Career and Leadership coaching. As well as multi-generational communication …. (working within family and corporate structures to help each generation gain a greater understanding of empathy and active listening, achieving a greater level in the field of communication)

He founded Self-Empowerment Coaching LLC in 2008 with the vision of helping others to help themselves.  His mission is to guide others To see the BEST in Themselves so that they can BE the Best of Themselves.

Self-Empowerment = Sustainable Results

An astute non-judgmental listener by nature, Rob makes a deep connection with his clients, creating a partnership of trust and equal commitment.

Rob understands deeply the challenge of a Life Changing Transition. After experiencing his own life changing challenge of surviving cancer — which prevented him from continuing in his career — he had to reinvent himself. He decided to turn his Life Transition into a Life Ambition.  Training to become a Life Coach brought him to his Life’s Purpose and Greatest Passion, helping and sharing with others.  

The positive energy from our passion is our greatest form of advertisement.

 Rob is committed to: Coaching individuals experiencing a life-changing transition – whether by choice or uncontrollable circumstances (Medical, Divorce, Employment, Retirement, Bereavement)

Guiding those who feel stuck and want to move forward
Coaching those who are experiencing a dramatic life changing event to better cope! To see the possibilities not just the probabilities! 
With over 25 years in corporate Human Resources and Merchandising Management, negotiation union agreements, training, developing and managing a substantial work force, Rob helps corporations, small businesses and their employees pinpoint the hurdles and help them overcome those obstacles to greater employee fulfillment, retention and productivity.
Multi-Generational Corporate Training includes Developing Leadership Management Skills, “Coach vs Boss” Hiring Techniques, Delegating, Team Building, Employee Development, Work Life Balance with the goal of greater employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.
Working with job applicants to hone their interviewing skills, including mock interviews, working on a greater self awareness while focusing on their strengths. Being Prepared and confident and passionate.
Partnering with parents who struggle with the challenges of parenting in this fast moving digital age. Offering skills and tools to strengthen the family bond, (Team Building) the foundation for their child’s successful journey into adulthood.
 Helping each person develop their vision, create specific goals and achieve those goals!

           Our birthright is that of being happy!

Children deserve to be happy, but from the core not from the store!

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