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It’s no secret that RGA’s members think Revenue Generating Activities network is Tampa Bay’s best networking group.

Since RGA Network’s first meeting in February 2010, we’ve had one over-riding goal: to make RGA a powerhouse in helping local businesses succeed.

There are a number of ways we accomplish that.

We have nearly two dozen weekly meetings throughout the Tampa Bay area, providing our 750+ members with consistent and effective networking opportunities. We encourage our members to meet each other outside those meetings, too, so they can become more effective referral sources for one another.

RGA frequently schedules after-hours events that provide a more social setting for casual networking. We stage special events that support not only our own network, but also a variety of charitable organizations. We also partner with other organizations to co-sponsor trade shows or mega-networking events.

We are active on social media, not only on our main Facebook page, but also on regional pages that highlight meetings and events in specific communities. We host the Facebook page, Top Networking Professionals of Tampa Bay, where we recognize interested networkers who have not yet joined the RGA family, but have reached out to learn more about us. We’re on LinkedIn, too!

RGA maintains an informative website that supports our meetings, shares networking tips, and offers new ways to get our members’ brands out there. Our Member Directory provides descriptions and contact information for all ur members.

We created RGA University, offering an affordable learning experience on a wide range of business topics, from managing your business’s finances, to producing effective videos on a shoestring budget, best practices in business, ethics, leveraging your knowledge to publish e-books, and more.

We publish a digital newsletter, available to anyone interested in success through networking, that highlights upcoming activities and spotlights our members and their special interests.

Speaking of digital, we are on the leading edge of digital technology with our own YouTube channel, an Internet-based television channel, and a weekly podcast that features one (sometimes two) of our RGA networkers.

Going forward, you can expect RGA, the Tampa Bay area’s best networking group, to continue developing new ways to help small businesses succeed. If you’re not already a member, you can get started here.