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BFit Holistic Health and Wellness. – Cristy Berry

BFit Holistic Health and Wellness. – Cristy Berry

Cristy Berry is the founder and owner of BFIT Holistic Health and Wellness.
We offer Concierge style Health Care and Healing focusing on ROOT causes of your health symptoms.

Services include:

Wellness Coaching
Individualized care and Root cause treatment
Patented DNA Testing
Nutrition Services with Certified Nutrition Specialist
Gut Inflammation and Detox programs
Customized Supplementation
Food Sensitivity Testing
Online Fitness training
Cancer Exercise programs

BFIT Holistic Health and Wellness is dedicated to providing holistic health and wellness solutions using functional lab analysis, comprehensive health assessments and root cause evaluations.

In a ROOT cause practice, the patient is listened to and heard when striving to find the starting point of the clients symptoms or disease. Cristy utilizes various testing procedures as well as a health analysis to determine the best healing plan for each person.

We believe in whole body healing and offer personalized supplementation or homeopathic programs to support your journey to optimal health.

During your evaluation, Cristy will determine the exact nutrients you need to support your organs and cells in order to bring it to balance.

She uses highly concentrated, clean formulations available to complement a clean diet.

She creates a personalized plan after identifying the underlying deficiency or imbalance that has caused organ/areas of the body to be depleted.

As part of the healing process, clients make specific lifestyle changes to diet, exercise, stress, sleep and routines to complete the foundational repair. During the program you will begin to transform physically, mentally and spiritually.

Cristy is passionate about nutrition and fitness, and committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

Our practice focuses on taking you from Ill to WELL...

Designed for those looking to make lifestyle changes proactively to increase longevity of life, our programs fit perfectly.

Additionally, Cristy works with clients with complex health situations that have been exposed to both chemical and environmental toxins such as Mold or Lyme. Our mission is to heal at the cellular level and to reduce systemic inflammation while rejuvenating the gut microbiome naturally.

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of holistic healing.
Cristy is a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health, ISSA Certified DNA Program Specialist, Certified Advanced Personal trainer, PN1 Certified Nutritionist, Group Fitness Certified, Water Aerobics Certified, DNA Nutrition and Fitness Specialist, expert in blood chemistry analysis, Gut and Inflammation expert, Certified Cancer Specialist and has gone through and extensive Nutrition programs allowing her to understand the body and its needs.

Her personal journey of weight issues, food addiction, eating disorders and chronic health conditions helped her to regain her health and will help you do the same. This experience has given her insight into the many physical, spiritual and emotional challenges you may encounter, enabling her to bring a high level of understanding, respect, empathy and solutions to all of her patients.



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BFit Holistic Health and Wellness. – Cristy Berry