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2023 RGA Book Authoring Program
“How To Maximize Your Network!”

RGA is so excited to bring you another unique opportunity to position yourself as an expert and promote your business!

Our first book, The Best Business Minds in Tampa Bay, hit #1 in two categories on Amazon, and has remained a top-ten bestseller. We promoted The Best Business Minds on all the major Tampa networks, as well as multiple newspapers and other media.

Our second book, How to Maximize Your Network, promises to be even better!

However, spaces are limited for participation. There were many people who wanted to be a part of The Best Business Minds in Tampa Bay but weren’t able to get in because we have a limited number of slots so sign up early!

Mark O’donnell & Shirley Jump – book announcement

2 or 3-Pay options are available!

Matt Coots & Shirley Jump – The Book Program

Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Why should I participate in How to Maximize Your Network?
As an author, you are immediately perceived as an expert. The author distinction is something that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace and give you an edge over your competition. You will receive a downloadable copy of the book that you can share with your clients, friends, and family, as well as a print copy you can display on your webpage, in your office, and in your interactions with potential clients. You will also be
part of a group marketing effort, where all of the authors are promoting the book and each individual business. That collaborative marketing delivers ten times the impact of
individual efforts and can make a big difference! Add the title Author to your LinkedIn profile, your social media, your website, your signature line—and people will see you as
the expert they need to work with.
I’m not a writer. How can I participate?
RGA makes this entire process super-easy. You’ll be working with a team of editors, headed by New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump, who will be helping you craft your chapter. Each participant receives an easy-to-fill-out questionnaire that essentially builds your chapter for you. This book is not a giant advertisement—it is an informative compilation of smart advice. The questionnaire makes it easy for you to share your expertise. We do all the rest! If you want to hand over the writing to our editing team, there is an inexpensive add-on for ghostwriting.
When will the book be released? What are my deadlines?
We are planning to release the book in April 2023. All materials are due by January 15, 2022, to ensure plenty of time for formatting, final approval, and printing.
Where will the book be distributed?
In addition to featuring the book on the RGA website, all participants are welcome to put their free downloadable copy of their websites. The book will also be available on Amazon.
What are the different levels of participation?

All authors will have their bio, photo, and logo in the book.

Platinum level authors receive a customized book cover with their name and byline on the front cover of the book and a 3,000-word chapter on one of the topics in How to Maximize Your Network.

Gold level authors receive their byline on the back of the book and a 2,000-word chapter on one of the topics in How to Maximize Your Network.

Silver level authors receive a one-page contribution about how they maximized their network to build their business.

Who can participate in How to Maximize Your Network?
Any current RGA member can be a part of the book. This is an exclusive offer, only for RGA members. Your membership must be in good standing at the time of participation and at the time of the book’s release.
What information will you need from me?
How to Maximize Your Network is all about how each individual business used the power of their network to overcome economic downturns, market shifts, business
reboots, and more. The book will be divided into several main topics and you will be able to choose which topic you want to write about. Platinum members receive a full 3,000-word chapter on the topic they choose while Gold members receive 2,000 words. Silver members will contribute 600 words on their topic.

All levels will also include a bio, photograph of you, logo for your business, and a short blurb about what your business does. All participants will be listed in the book. Gold members are featured on the back cover, while individual Platinum members are featured on the front cover.

What is the marketing plan?
We are firming up the details of the marketing plan and will announce those soon. The Best Business Minds in Tampa Bay was featured on multiple Tampa Bay television networks, print, and other media outlets. Because How to Maximize Your Network will be a book full of great industry knowledge and applicable tips for any business owner, it will be easy to market. We will do a group launch, as we did with the first book, to push the book up in the rankings of Amazon and hopefully make this one a best-seller too! This book, as we mentioned earlier, isn’t a giant ad—it’s a smart, informative compilation of
great advice that any business owner in the country will be interested in reading. This will be a book people talk about!
I’m in! What do you need from me?
Sign up with the link below and choose a package. Platinum authors receive their image and byline on the cover of the book, Gold authors receive their byline on the back of the book, and Silver authors are listed in the Table of Contents. All authors will be able to contribute a chapter of knowledge about how they made the most of their network. Take advantage of special Expo pricing until August 31!

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